People like to switch up their bread. 

One day it's bagels, the next it's sourdough.

To stop bread going to waste we created 'The Warburton's MultiLoaf'. 

All the nation's favourite types of bread in one single pack.  Bre


Kids don't get many responsibilities so we're going to teach them how to build furniture with lego assembly. Teaching them practical skills whilst letting them express their creativity.



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The Economist podcast

The cheapest form of private education. 

Ella's kitchen

Baby food is packed full of sugar. Early years feeding is crucial in

shaping future taste preferences and healthy habits.


We found out that food tastes sweeter with higher frequency sounds.

So we created 'Musical Mealtimes' a way for parents to get their kids to eat vegetables.


{People with eczema are always told to STOP scratching.

But with our idea you can scratch off your skin, and heal it at the same time.

When you scratch cream is released and your skin is left unharmed.

So scratch that itch Eczema sufferers. We're going to turn your vice into a virtue.